Car Sales Jobs

Car Sales Jobs

Car Sales Jobs

Car Sales Jobs

Car sales jobs are amazing opportunities for motivated and enthusiastic aspiring salespeople to earn a solid income and hefty commissions though balanced, hard work. Well-paid jobs are usually hard to come by when the applicant doesn’t have a degree or specialized training, but with a strong desire and some social skills, you can land a rewarding job in the motor trade industry.

Car Sales Skills

Work experience is important, but not definitive for car sales jobs. In a career that rests entirely on your performance and success with sales, it’s not unusual for new car salespeople to make £80,000 or more in their first year on the job, all thanks to their skills.

That being said, not all recruits succeed on their first time in car sales or even at all. The business is definitely not for everybody and you should probably have a bit of that stereotypical aggressive car salesperson flare in you to land good deals and secure your job.

Car trade has always been a very competitive business and people must be up for the task to thrive in their car sales jobs. Not only will different dealerships be competing with each other, you will often find coworkers being just as much if not more involved in a bit of ‘healthy competition’. Everyone’s basically looking out for themselves, and it’s definitively easier to get a job in this industry than to keep one.

With the commission-based pay of most car sales jobs, you must put a lot of focus on developing your unique skills. Talent is surely a very real thing and an advantage in this line of work, but someone who doesn’t develop it and regularly work on their communication skills, product knowledge and the perfect pitch may not stick around for long.

Finding Car Sales Jobs

Doing what you know and like applies to car sales jobs as much as any other occupation out there. If you’re fond of any particular dealership or brand, then the best place to start looking for open positions will surely be one of their companies.

Unlike what some movies that were featuring car sales jobs might have lead you to believe, you can’t just go around talking people into buying a car on the strength of your sales pitch alone. Deep knowledge of the product is one of the core skills required of any sales person, and a dealership will appreciate your familiarity with the cars that they sell.

Once you have chosen a dealership you would like to become part of, send in your application and hope for the best. A standard procedure used in motor trade recruitment will be applied to the review process, involving a personality test and other factors. Qualifying candidates will be hired for car sales jobs based on the combination of their strengths and weaknesses.

Becoming a Better Salesperson

Car dealerships are known to provide training to their new employees, but you shouldn’t rely on that alone to aid your quest for higher commissions and a six-digit salary. Try to educate yourself independently through online resources about car sales jobs and real life experience.

Subtly observe the deals being closed by more experienced salespeople at your dealership and don’t hesitate to ask questions. More often than not, they will be happy to explain their trade to someone who has some background in car sales jobs.

It’s also worth keeping up with all of the latest trends in the car sales industry, including upcoming car models and features. Everything starting from training videos to sales books and seminars will help you become better at successfully handling car sales jobs.

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